The Great Pumpkin Adventures of Diana Doucet

Sally Ann, 1999,  587# est. The pages that follow chronicle  Diana's giant pumpkin growing adventures. 

A grower's log where no one knows  what the future holds.

The story 
will be written 
as it unfolds.

Pumpkinscape from 1999...

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Book 1 - Diana's Great Pumpkin Adventure (2000)

Chapter 1 - Going to California (Seed acquisition, soil prep and germination)
Chapter 2 - The Battle of Evermore (Planting, early protection and the critter wars begin)
Chapter 3 The Rain Song (Wind protection, sacrificials, and plant culling)
Chapter 4 - Ramble On (Final Site Preparation and early vine growth)
Chapter 5 What is and What Should Never Be (Pollination and excess pumpkin culling)
Chapter 6 -  Stairway to Heaven  (Watching the pumpkins grow)
Chapter 7 -  Your Time is Gonna Come  (Showing the pumpkin off)

Book 2 - Tales from the Dragon's Keep (2001)

Chapter 1 - Brain Damage (Seed acquisition, soil prep and germination) 
Chapter 2 - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (Planting, wind protection, critter wars, and plant culling)
Chapter 3 No Quarter (Pollination and excess pumpkin culling)
Chapter 4 - Rock and Roll (Watching the pumpkins grow)
Chapter 5 - Good Times, Bad Times (Showing the pumpkins off)
Go to the Dragon Cam!

Book 3 - Geneva Electric in the Patch of Yin and Yang (2002)

Go to the GE Cam!
Opposites Attract in the Patch of Yin and Yang!

The Magic Begins on Cinco de Mayo!

Attack of the Mutant Sprouts!

The Foibles of Farmer Blunderbutt!

The Energizer Pumpkin!

The Misfit Monster Weigh off

The Final Pumpkin Palpitations

Book 4 - Butterball Battles Baby Beluga (2003)

Go to the Butter Cam!
Baby Beluga Comes Up for Air!

The ButterBall Family - it's better with butter!

Baby Beluga Comes Out of the Closet!

Book 5 - Bubbles Outshines Lilu and Little David (2004)

Go to the Lilu Cam!
Lilu and Little David in the Patch of Infidels!

Bubbles and the Pumpkin Princess!

Breakfast of Champions!

Book 6 - Now for Something a Little Different (2005)

Pumpkin John SquarePants!

Book 7 - The Seduction of Mimi (2006)

Mimi the Magnificent and the Mystic Managerie

Book 8 - Sauron and the Fellowship of the Orange (2007)

Sauron Lord of the Goards

Some Pedigree Pumpkin Grower Tools

Top Seeds for World Class Pumpkins

The Probability Calculator

The Delectable Dozen - New Proven Seeds for 2007

Book 9 - The LAH Giant Pumpkin Challenge (2008)

Big pumpkins in the hills

Book 10 - Jump Into the Fire! (2009)

Code Orange

Book 11 - GoldiLocks and the Booh Brothers (2010)

Part 1 - Breathe in The Air

Part 2 - California Coming Home

Part 3 - The Wind Whispers Mary

Part 4 - Back to the Garden

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