The Magic Begins on
Cinco de Mayo !

My seeds dove into the kelp brew today with childish enthusiasm.  I was shooting to start May Day (May 1) but did not have the back patch ready.

Olivia is happy with the line-up 

The line-up is:

In the Yin and Yang Patch, 

Mound 1 -  831 Zunino,  backup 831 Zunino 
Mound 2 - 922 Emmons, backup 1016 Daletas 

In the Back Against the Wall Patch, 

Mound 1 - 846 Calai, backup 995 Carter
Mound 2 - 940 Mombert (98), backup 850 Wallace 

The seeds splash and swim in their own little pools of kelp brew for about 8 hours, then they jump into the pots and take a long warm sauna......

best 831, 2001
zone 9, the pumpkin zone

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