The Energizer Pumpkin

Geneva Electric, my 922.5 Emmons, continues to defy all the rules.  It is now refusing to slow down.  The fruit is 45 days old and still is packing on 30 pounds a day.  This morning I had to measure it twice - there has to be some mistake..... but the tape don't lie, no matter how many times I measure.... it just keeps on truckin'.

I've tried using Al's formula to figure out an approximate final weight, but the number I get is so outrageous it just can't be so.  I keep telling myself I have to wait for it to slow down for the formula to work...  but it just keeps going, and going and going - like an energizer bunny plugged into AC.

GE glows in the patch like a light bulb drawing 10 Megawatts

GE (short for Geneva Electric) is also a power thief.  It finally dawned on me why we're getting all these power outages.  GE has found a way to tap into the power grid and is pulling so much juice she's tripping the main breakers at the substation and blowing transformers...... 

I've think I've fixed this.  I've hooked my car battery charger onto the main vine and I'm running 8 amps into the plant on a continuous basis.   The power outages have stopped.  Hopefully the power company won't catch on......

best 831, 2001
zone 9, the pumpkin zone