Opposites Attract
in the Patch
of Yin and Yang !

Spring has bloomed in my small patch of desire.  After a winter of tormented seed selection and absorbing improbable amounts of gypsum and sulfur through my skin during patch prep, I've decided I can't compete with all the obsessed pumpkin growers out there.

I really don't want a big one that blows the socks off those madmen growers in Napa and the Pacific Northwest.  Nah, not for me, what I want a pretty orange one - one that will attract the ladies.  You know, a really, really big pretty orange one.

So, I've tossed my plans to start six plants - couldn't get my friends to help me lug 6 thousand+ pounders out of the patch anyway.  I'm down to a more manageable four plants in two sites - The Patch of Yin and Yang, and the Back Against the Wall Patch.

red poppies observe the triple dig trench in the yin and yang patch 

In Yin and Yang Patch, I'm planting two complimentary opposites - the spawn of mighty Beowulf, the 831 Zunino, and his diametric partner - the graceful and pouty 922 Emmons. 

The seed of Beowulf is the perfect compliment of opposites - the dragon 846 Calai (f) commingled with the exquisite and prodigious 789 Zunino, a child of the immortal pumpkin Goddesses.

I'm growing these two plants in my patented yin and yang shape where they propagate around each other in perfect opposing symmetry.  There's some kind of crazy energy gonna happen here folks.

In the Back Against the Wall Patch, a 846 Calai will face off a 940 Mombert (98).  Their backs to each other, they will grow toward opposite poles and protect each other's behinds.  Keep out the line of  fire -  these guys don't take prisoners.

The ph of my bloodstream is now at 3.4 - way acid from wading in so much sulfur, and I'm having hallucinations of big orange gourds, must be spring - god help me..... 

god help me........

best 831, 2001
zone 9, the pumpkin zone

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