The Great Pumpkin Adventures of Diana Doucet
Chapter two - The Battle of Evermore

The two 875 Dills awash in a sea of crimson clover


May 5 My final germination percentage is 78% with only two Patrick seeds failing to sprout.  I now have seven plants.  More plants than places to put them.  I eliminate a planned stand of corn for room for a third pumpkin site.  The first 875 Dill is planted in the front site.
May 6 Life is short for the 847 Calia, it damaged itself when emerging from the seed case and is replaced with the 937 Mombert.  Now the 850 Hester and the 937 Mombert stare each other down in the rear site.  (Mombert on left)


May 9  The critter battles begin.  When checking the front site, I notice a humped burrow headed straight for the 875 Dill seedling and only three feet away.  I scoop up the earth at the end of the burrow with my hand to try and find the hole.  The earth squeeeks!!!  Out jumps a mystery critter who utters a quick goodbye and starts to dig his way out of sight.  Not so fast says I, we need to have a conversation.....  He agrees not to dig around my pumpkins any more.

click on the mystery critter to hear my garden battle cry.

At last the sun is shining,
The clouds of blue roll by,
Goodbye to the dragon of darkness,
the sunlight blinds his eye.

May 10 In an uncommon concensus, the Mallorn pumpkin list unanimously agrees that the mystery critter is a mole.  Great loathing is expressed.  With the advice of some great mole hunters, I obtain a mole trap.  The critter wars have started...

The second 875 Dill is planted amongst the undulating waves of crimson clover.

May 11 The 760 Patrick and the 947 Patrick are planted side by side in a second mound in the rear patch.  760 Patrick on left

May 12  Snug inside a castle of polycarbonate and surrounded by the ethereal 
dance of the clover, the young Dill seedlings worship the sun.
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Cast your spell in the colors of sunlight,
Sing your song in the morning's light.
Magic dances in infinate hues.
 Without a dream, there's little to lose.

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