Attack of the
Mutant Sprouts !

Consumed with curiosity, I finally dug the sandbagging 846 Calai seed out of his pot. The good news is that the seed actually sprouted.  The bad news is - the sprout is a mutant.  The main seed leaves were deformed and a second set of smaller seed leaves were mysteriously attached to the stem.

The seed had sprouted out of the seed case but didn't want to show it's face in the sun so never popped up out of the dirt.

The 846 Calai sprout has a second set of seed leaves
attached to a single stem

Another strange occurrence was the 850 Wallace.  This one was also slow coming up.  The shoot apparently never made it out of the seed case.  I knew this one had a problem when some wild looking roots popped out of the ground at the same time as the sprout.  Most of the root ball was curled up in the seed case.

These two mutants, I sadly put out of their misery...  No mutant ninja turtle pumpkins in my patch.

So which of my sprouts currently rules the patch???  There is one that lights up the patch at night with an eerie glow. The ying and yang patch just crackles with electricity. 

I call this plugged in sprout GE.... short for Geneva Electric - the 922 Emmons.  This one wants her name in Neon and has the power to light the tubes....

The 922 Emmons is so electric 
it raises the hair on Amanda's head. 

I planted her next to the 831 Zunino using rubber gloves and grounding straps and still tingles went up my spine.  There's gonna be some real fireworks in the Yin and Yang Patch this summer...  watch out.

best 831, 2001
zone 9, the pumpkin zone

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