The Butterball Family - its better with butter!

Amanda poses with Butterbuns (291 lbs) on her way to Elk Grove, California

Meet the Butterball family
The 17 pumpkins listed below were all grown from a single pumpkin plant named Butterball (seed: 831 Zunino).  The plant covered a total of about 800 square feet when mature.  Most of these pumkins were removed young from the vine when they hit about 200 pounds.  All weights are estimated weights.

Name Est.
The Butterball Boys:
Blunderbuss 353 lbs   Display
Butterbum 80 Road Kill
Butterbull 224 Front Door
Butterbutt 75 Road Crew
The Butterball Girls:
Butterbabe 267 Auctioned - $225
Butterbuns 291 Kid's school
The Butterball Gang:
Butternut 202 Kid's school
Butterdip 216 Display
Butterbarge 218 HMB Lodge
Pinky 124 Bottom split
The Butterball Twins:
Butterbelly 188 Display
Butterbeast 216 Phil
The Butterball Babies:
Butterball 176 Ann and Ed
Skellata 135 Susan
Yellow Ball 95 Kid's school
Butterbug 65 Water District
Bumble Bee 45 Display
Total 2,970 lbs

Blunderbuss (353 lbs) glows orange  in my display
Blunderbuss still on the vine with Anne


Butterbull, (224 lbs) the brightest orange offspring sits on my front porch

The Butterball gang: Butterbarge (218 lbs}, Pinky (124 lbs), Butternut (202 lbs) and Butterdip (216)


Butterbabe (267 lbs) was sold at a charity
auction for $225 
Butternut (202 lbs) has beautiful ribbing 


The twins, Butterbelly, (188 lbs) and Butterbeast (216 lbs) grew side by side


Skellata (135 lbs) was shaped like a skull
Bumblebee (45 lbs) and Butterbug (65 lbs)
never had a chance to grow up. 


Skellata (135 lbs), Butterball (224 lbs), Yellowball (95 lbs) and
Butterbuns (291) gather under the Almond tree.

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