Tales From the Dragon's Keep 
Chapter Two - BronYAur Stomp
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Aphrodite takes on human form to infuse
the 846 Calai with mythical energy

May 5 Three Sisters - Three 789 Zunino's are planted side by side in the front patch

May 9 The 810 Ciliberto and the 983 Ciliberto are planted side by side in the rear patch.

May 12 Amanda plants the 938 Mombert and the 823 Glazier side by side in the rear patch.

May 11  The 846 Calai is planted alone in her mound.  Tigers and dragons don't like to be crowded.  The two Ciliberto's are in the mound in the background.


Pounce of the Tiger
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Four days growth of the young Calai

May 18 The rear patch.  Twin-wall polycarbonate is used as wind screens.  The Mombert and Glazier are in the foreground.  The Calai is near the wood fence on the right and the Cilibertos are on the left. The second picture was taken just over two weeks later on June 4.


June 4 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - The 846 Calai at four weeks.  The largest leaves are over 20" in diameter.  Vine is about two feet long. 

The stem split just above ground level about the time the vine flopped down.  I treated it with Capton.  A week later two roots emerged from either side of the split and dove into the ground.

The dragon root has many heads.  If you try to hurt it, it just grows more.

June 4 The two Ciliberto's are scorched by a heat wave.  These plants were growing nicely until 100 degree weather cooked them.  My other plant only showed mild effects from the heat.

June 5 The path of the main vine of the 789 Zunino is double dug out 30 feet from the stump.  The first ten feet was triple dug prior to planting.

June 6 The 810 Ciliberto and the 823 Glazier are culled.  The 810 was slightly behind the 983.  The 823 Glazier started to flat vine and was growing slowly.

June 8 Daughter of the gods in motion - The  three 789 Zunino's were culled down to the best plant.  At five weeks three days, she has a seven foot vine and is a perfectly-behaved child of her mythical parents. 

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