Tales From the Dragon's Keep 
Chapter Four - Rock and Roll
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Ina stays close to Nils who grows on her!!!
Seems so long since we walked in the moonlight,
Making promises that just seem so right. 
Open your arms, open your arms, 
Open your arms, baby, let my love come running in. 
It's been a long time, been a long time, 
Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.

July 25 I decide to set three or four pumpkins on the 789 Zunino plant to slow growth of the pumpkins enough so they don't blow up on this hyperactive plant.  Here Amanda pollinates a flower 15 feet out on a secondary.

 July 28
Olivia adopts the baby pumpkin 24 feet out on the main vine of the 789 Zunino.  She pollinates it and names it Madeline.  She tucks her in every night with a baby blanket to help keep her warm.

August 8  Sandra and her friend, Lisa, pose in Hera's Temple of Beans - a memorial to the goddess pumpkin who never really was...... she turned into a hideous blue-mottled squash.

July 31 The rear patch on July 31 and four weeks later on Aug 28.  The dragon Calai, Beowulf, is in the foreground and Bellaluna, a 983 Ciliberto, is in the back.

July - Sept A web cam updates once a day on the dragon Calai.  Flip back through the pictures and watch Beowulf grow from an infant dragon slayer to an adult.

Watch the lizard grow!!!!! go to the dragon cam

July 30 After growing to 102 circ. in 30 days, Bellaluna on the 983 Ciliberto slows down - way down.   The plant is attacked by fungal terrorist hoards.  The entire leaf canopy in the center of the plant withers.  The vines around the periphery of the plant continue to grow  and Bellaluna continues to mature at a very slow pace.
August 21 Olivia's pumpkin, Madeline, split today.  Even with four pumpkins growing on the 789 Zunino plant, Madeline grows too fast and blows out the blossom end at about 300 pounds.  Olivia is crushed but soon finds a new pumpkin to adopt - Madeline TOO.

August 28  The front patch with the 789 Zunino plant.  Madeline is the pumkin near the bean pole tepee.  Three other pumpkins are growing around the edge of the plant.   The plant covers over 1,000 square feet. 

September 3  Olivia poses with Cindy, (short for Cinderella) on the 789 Zunino.  I try an experiment with growing pumpkins on the blossom end to get a better shape.  The 789 Zunino cooperates by growing some of the prettiest orange pumpkin I've ever seen.

August 29 The rear patch - hideout of pumpkin dragons and dreams.  Beowulf and Bellaluna are in the background.  Eight smaller pumpkin plants grow halloween goards in the foreground.


September 20 Pumpkins are orange.  Sandra poses with Beowulf on the dragon Calai. Beowulf has grown big and orange.  Belaluna in the background is stunted but very orange and a perfect pumpkin shape.


Sept 28 The most massaged pumpkin on the planet.  Ina adopts one of the pumpkins on the 937 Mombert and names it, Nils, after her boyfriend in Germany.  This pumpkin get frequent massages with Canola oil and turns a brilliant orange.  Tony and Olivia approve!!! 


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